Apr 19, 2008

Apr 13, 2008

February 2008, Moscow and Ufa

February comprised of 2 incredible conferences.
First was National Exchange Conference in Ufa, that i worked for a lot as a conference manager.
I gave so much energy to people and received a lot as well. that's an incredible feeling, this energy turnover.
the only one thing taht i didnt have a chance to explore the city at all.
Just airport - host-premeeting-official day-conference train station.
I was hosted by Gusel, the girl that i hosted 2 years ago in my house during Plan-it in st.petersburg.
That was so sweet and nice, her mother was almost offended that i'm vegetarian and moreover i dont eat a lot.
she was always trying to feed me =)
Gusel and Rinat (OCP) are a very nice couple, feat each other so well.
Martin was a chair and he became ill during the conference we worried a lot but we managed that as well.
the only one thing is that the whole MC team came home to Moscow so ill.
we were supposed to have teamdays just after Ufa but we had ONION AND HONEY days.
we just didnt have any possibility to stay in bed coz in 2 days me and Nastya, Aigul were leaving to Macedonia and Katya and Marina -to Turkey.

Also after exams Bora came to Moscow and i was leaving to Macedonia. I missed him a lot and we spent only 2 days together.
We recovered somehow with Nastya and went to International Presidents Meeting to Skopje.

live well
laugh often
love much (c)

So i came to St.Petersburg in the middle of January and i didnt manage to pass two exams coz i was not simply allowed by professors coz i didnt attend.
So i was nearly to be kicked out of the univercity. solving that problem i was also preparing big National Exchange conference in Ufa, coz i was conference manager, i was "divorcing" with my boyfriend.
But fiends support cant be underestemeted.
At the sam time i was also dealing with the procedures to remake my passport to go abroad coz it was going to be expired.
I managed to pass but i spoiled my diploma that was supposed to be filled in with excellent grades. My choice. i know.
Before leaving to Moscow i also made piercing in 2 ears that i was planning to do long time ago!
Thanks Natasha due to you i did it!

live well
laugh often
love much (c)

NY holidays -snowboarding

So during NY holidays we went to the North with Lesha, his friends and my brother.
it was an incredible week!
It was quite cold there: -10-15'C.
A small city is surrounded by mountains.
Each morning we went out of the flat at 9 or 10 am and went to the mountains by foot.
if we bacame cold we drank tea with cognak in small wooden houses-cafes.

In 3 pm it's already dark there so it's cool to go down the mountain with lights.
in the evenings we were seating mostly at home, playing games, talking, drinking beer, watching movies. Coz the city is really small it's croweded by tourists like we were so mostly all the small clubs are occupied. Moreover after the whole day of snowboarding yoo are really exhausted.

Once we went to another resert: Lesha, my brother ad me.
it was extremely windy and the mountain was mostly covered by ice rather then by snow.
we reached the half of the mountain and wanted to go down without getting up. but the man convinced us that it would be better on the top.
it was so icy that i could not even stop my desk.
anyway we went to the top.
it was sooooooo beautiful and extremely windy.
we started to go down and understood that almost all the surface is covered either by ice or stones.
To cut the long story short we stocked in the middle of the mountain, quite high when you cant stop your snowboard and there is a steep just 3 metres below. i was scared actually but as i knew my brother is near (he is very very good in snowboarding) i stayed calm, when i got that doesnt know what to do it became worse but i tried to use my self-controle.
eventually everything was ok after 15 different ettempts but the emotions were quite strong.

Another day we also went to the different resort!

wowowoow! i'm so happy even just to remmebr that.
Coz they had a route throught 1 mountain 3 km long and 300 metres wide at some places.
moreover it was quite difficult so almost nobody except several young crazy people like us were there.
GOD! I just remember that the very last time we were going there only Pasha (my brother) and me with the speed 60 km!
and looking at each other.!
As for Lesha we quarreled quite a lot there and reconsiled quite fast. Anyway it was like that more and more frequently.
Eventually at the end of January we broke.
At the date of 1 year anniversary of relationships.
Life is unbelievable if to remmeber how we start and what were the plans.

live well
laugh often
love much (c)

My dear friends i have not wrote for a long time that makes me be ashamed somehow coz i created the blog to give you updates about my life.
So now i'm coragegous enough to start even from December.
So December 2007. We as AIESEC in Russia have a National Congress at that time and in 2007 in was hosted by Novosibirsk.
By the way it takes you 4 hours by plane to go to Novosibirsk from Moscow it's the same as if you go from Moscow to Paris.
wow, my country is really huuuuuuuuge!
=) Photos from the plane:

This conference is devoted to half-year review of your work, strategic planning and elections.
At the very last moment i decided to Aplly not to AIESEC International for non-Corporate manager, but for Member Committee President of AIESEC in Russia.
Elections were very tough i must admit. Eventually i got it

After being elected i had to carry out the intervies for the candidates to the team.
They were very cool and some of them didnt give me a chance to sleep for 2 days lmost coz i was constantly thinking who was a proper candidate. But this choice was also made.
Anula nad Bora were out of Novosibirsk and they supported me so much at that time.
Above all Nastya Markelova, Anya Vinogradova, Albert, Danya -i will never forget your sms i think! That was real support.
ANd of course Rayan! You were tha chair but you helped me personally very much!
And i will not forget also you motivational and insparing speech to mee that you told exactly 4 times coz you became drunk ant the paty!

hahahahhahah, but that's smth really special =))))
That were elections!
We came to Moscow i directly mooved to St.Petersburg to my exams.
My God, i'm so lucky or blessed by God to have such kind of good friends!
Victor was taking care of me like with the child when i came to University.
He took my arm and brought me to all the rooms where i had to pass the test, gave me materials.
Or for instance took my task, sent me to another test and went to the internet to find the answer to the 1st one.
So i passes all the test and to exams for excellent marks.
Then New Year came as well as Lesha came to St.Petersburg.
We spent the holiday together and the 1st of Jnuary we were leaving to Kirovsk with his friends and my brother to do snowboarding coz it's the in the North of Russia.live well
laugh often
love much (c)

Nov 18, 2007

it's all about snow

that is really cold
really cold
i hope i will get used

live well
laugh often
love much (c)